Render notifications

You can enable render notifications to get informed when your background renderings have finished. smartRender offers two render notifications which can be enabled independently from each other: visual notifications and acoustic notifications.

To enable the notifications, open smartRender’s settings window by navigating to your menu bar and choosing: cragl->smartRender->settings. In here you can enable/ disable:


1) show render notification: If this checkbox is set, a notification window will pop up. The notification window is documented below in the Render notifications window section.

2) render finished sound: Play a sound when the rendering is finished. If set to no sound then there will be no notification sound.


You can also put your own .WAV sound files into the sounds directory of the smartRender plugin and choose your own custom sounds to play when the rendering is finished.

The Render notifications window

When a rendering has finished you will get a render notifications window. To enable/ disable the render notifications open the smartRender settings via cragl->smartRender->settings. In the upcoming window enable/ disable show render notification to your needs.

The render notifiactions window lets you choose the following actions:


1) insert as read node: Click to insert the rendering as a read node into your DAG.

2) transcode rendering: Click to transcode your rendering using a selected transcoding template. For more on transcoding please refer to the Auto transcoding after render page.

3) copy render path to clipboard: Click to copy the render path to your clipboard.

4) open render directory: Click to open the render directory.

5) copy render directory to clipboard: Click to copy the render directory to your clipboard.

6) send email: Click to launch your default email application to send an email. You can set default values for recipient, subject and mail body and reference several job variables that get expanded automatically for you.

7) show log: Click to show the job log window for this finished job.

Send email - Configure default values

Clicking the ‘send email’ button launches your default mail application to send and email containing the rendered path. You can configure the default values for the recipient, subject and body and you can reference certain job variables that get expanded to the actual value.

To do so launch the smartRender settings. In the ‘mail’ tab you can set default values. When referring to job variables that get auto expanded pay attention to use curly brackets, e.g. {render_path}.


Clicking the ‘send email’ button for the above rendering populates the mail application as follows: