Welcome to smartRender’s documentation!

smartRender lets you reduce your rendering times and makes rendering significantly faster compared to the standard rendering process. It uses all your hardware resources efficiently to speed up the processing.


Why smartRender?

Although multi threaded rendering became built-in since Nuke-11 as it was being ported over from NukeStudio, smartRender offers a lot more features than the built-in functionality. Besides being able to render Write nodes and DeepWrite nodes, smartRender lets you process nodes multi threaded being nested in gizmos and groups. It lets you even configure your custom nodes for processing multi threaded. You can edit the amount of threads being used, the frame range, frame skipping and the resolution per render job. These values can be stored as a preset so you can quickly switch between different presets. Furthermore, it lets you render working files without opening them in Nuke. In addition, it offers batch rendering modes. smartRender generates detailed render logs and adds custom functionality to Write nodes. Furthermore, it offers you to transcode your rendered media and apply custom transcoding templates to it. And if you have some programming knowledge, you can take over full control and customize the render jobs. Finally, smartRender offers a user interface that lets you quickly select and disable render intensive nodes so that you can get quicker feedback for your intermediate renderings.

  • Multi threaded background rendering for NUKE

  • Dramatically speed up your renderings

  • Batch render multiple jobs

  • Super fast feedback preview

  • Detailed job log information

  • Customize render commands to your needs

Tool homepage: https://www.cragl.com/smartRender

Where to buy: https://aescripts.com/smartrender-for-nuke

Tutorial videos

Please make sure to check out the smartRender teaser video as well as the smartRender documentation video to get the most out of smartRender.


For any question, feedback, bug report, feature request, etc. Please contact us via info@cragl.com or create a ticket in your personal cragl backend. We try to get back to you as quick as possible.


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