Environment variables

smartRender can be driven with environment variables which are described in the following. Note that all environment variable values are strings, even when using booleans like True or False.


If your machine is not connected to the web we recommend to set the environment variable CRAGL_NO_WEB to 'True'. This will speed up launching smartElements.


Transcode templates let you perform automatic transcoding jobs after a render has finished. All transcoding templates live in smartRender/custom/transcode_templates in your smartRender installation folder. You can however also point smartRender to additional folders to look up for transcoding templates by adding one or multiple paths to the environment variable CRAGL_SMARTRENDER_ADDITIONAL_TRANSCODING_ROOTS.

Similar to adding paths to the PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variable, you can specify multiple paths by concatenating them using the operating system path separator. Under Linux and MacOS this is a colon. Under Windows this is a semicolon.