• Create API (#85)

    smartRender contains an API to call it from outside of smartRender. For more information and usage examples have a look at our written documentation.

  • Add warning label when exceeding 75% of available threads (#84)

    Show a warning when using more than 75% of available render threads and provide online link for troubleshooting and explaining the means of thread counts.

  • Fix: Copy render command raises IndexError when used chunk size > 1 (#83)


  • Fix: batch rendering command did no longer trigger next job (#81)


  • Implement smartCache integration (#80)


  • Render preview: Implement nearest frame preview (#76)

  • Fix continuously creating thumbnail (#78)


  • Update to nuke-15 (#77)


  • Implement direct render preview (#75)

    smartRender offers now instant previews on outputs as they render inside the job log view. When submitting a new job, the preview will fill its frames up (indicated in green) as they are rendering so you get immediate feedback for your render jobs. You can scrub the timeline and play the preview as needed.

    Inside the job history select a job and press and hold P to show the output frames preview. Release P to hide the render preview.


  • Add additional transcode root directories via environment variable (#74)

    Add additional root directories to look up for transcoding templates by adding these paths to the environment variable CRAGL_SMARTRENDER_ADDITIONAL_TRANSCODING_ROOTS. Concatenate multiple root directory paths with a semicolon on Windows and a colon on Linux and MacOS.

  • Add button to reveal all transcode template folder (#58)

    The ‘Transcode’ section contains now a button to reveal all transcode template root directories.


  • Implement chunk size (#16)


  • Fix: Filter jobs by time in Nuke-12 and below (#70)


  • Implement auto clean job history (#65)

    The smartRender settings lets you now configure to auto clean up the job history. You can choose to keep only a custom number of recent jobs or remove jobs that are older than a custom number of days.

  • Trigger custom callbacks after job has finished (#45)

    This update lets you trigger custom functionality after a job has finished rendering. This can be used for various things to trigger anything additional to your needs.


  • Add studio model (#69)


  • Add toggle to show thumbnail for each job in the render queue (#63)

  • Filter jobs by time in job queue (#67)

  • Hold ctrl and drag a rendering from the job queue into the DAG (#64)

  • Add shortcuts for frequently used tasks (#68)

  • Add button to show changelog, browse online docs and access support (#59)

  • Various style adjustments (#61)


  • Update to nuke-14 (#57)


  • Remove frame number from filename of transcoded media (#53)

  • Auto check Write checkbox when there is one Write node in nodegraph (#54)

  • Remember selected transcode template when closing smartRender (#55)

  • Store selected transcode template with preset (#56)


  • Add button to open settings in main window (#40)

  • Add help button to browse to online documentation (#41)

  • Make right click menu to render other job more visible using icon (#51)

  • Darken all icons (#43)

  • Toggle render history using Alt Key (#44)

  • Render notifications window: Add quick action to copy render path/dir to clipboard (#36)

  • Render notifications window: Add quick action transcode (#46)

  • Render notifications window: Add quick action: Send mail with rendered file attached (#48)

  • Render notifications window: Show render time and rendered frame range (#49)

  • Fix: Remove byte type string output from terminal output for Nuke-13 (#37)

  • Fix: Right click to render other working file not working in Nuke-13 (#47)

  • Fix: Job log window not displaying statistics in Nuke-13 correctly (#42)


  • Implement auto transcoding after rendering has finished (#39)


  • Fix dropping license into license window raises UnicodeDecodeError (#34)


  • Add ‘Export job log’ to context menu in history (#30)

  • Add ‘copy terminal commands to clipboard’ to context menu in history (#31)

  • Fix reading trial license data fails decrypting (#32)

  • Send email to license author when machine installs license (#33)


  • Port to Nuke-13 (#28)


  • Add statistics to render log when exporting a job log (#26)


  • Add render time estimation and average time for rendering one frame (#23)

  • Add overall render time of job (#24)


  • Fix: Rendering gets inserted multiple times after render finished (#22)


  • Make the windows being always on top configurable (#18)

  • Support multi selection in job queue (#19)

  • Add logger to log information about render jobs in the background (#20)

  • Process next waiting job in queue when current job has finished (#21)


  • Register custom callable that run before/ after render submission

  • Fix render crashes that were caused on some machines with AMD processors


  • Bring back render finished sounds

    Due to missing libraries, render finished sounds were not possible natively within Nuke-11. In Nuke-12, the needed libraries came back so we re-enabled this feature. Happy days.

  • Fix: Bring back tooltips

  • Use separate lines for each terminal input

  • Save working file before rendering

  • Pre-check existence of output node before rendering

  • Add additional after render commands


  • Open up for site licenses

  • Generate license by license file, login and install code

  • Update internal package structure


  • Collect executable nodes that are nested in Group nodes and Gizmos

  • Ignore executable nodes where no file path has been set

  • Add ‘create render directory’ command to executable node’s context menu

  • Open up render process for executable nodes that write to disk

  • Add job log button for each job in the job queue

  • Add sphinx documentation


  • Evaluate expression paths in Write nodes


  • Make Nuke11 ready

  • Major code updates and code improvements


  • Fix bug when rendering using ‘keep existing frames’ enabled


  • Render info panel to quickly access and edit your renderings

  • Batch render multiple shots

  • Rendering external nuke scripts without opening them


  • Add global node changer window

  • Add automatic cache write node creator

  • Add input mode to frame range in smartRender window


  • Initial release