The job log window

Each job contains a log where that includes detailed information about it. To show a log for a job open smartRender, click the job history toggle at the top right to navigate to the job history. Then choose a job from the list that you like to get more information on, right click it and choose job->show log:


By clicking the command show log the job log window for this job will show up. Alternatively, you can click the job log button for the job in the history list.

The data of the job log will be refreshed all n seconds automatically where n is the number that is set in the smartRender settings at update job log after seconds” (Please refer to The smartRender settings).

The job log window contains 7 elements:


1) job data: all job meta data including:

  • The internal job id as it will be processed internally by smartRender.

  • The date and time of when the job was started.

  • The write node to process.

  • The NUKE script to process.

  • The render directory as it is set in the write node.

  • The frame range to render in the format startframe - endframe. If the incremental render method was chosen the incremental steps appear in brackets.

  • The current status of the job.

  • The render current progress of the job.

2) resume job: Click to continue processing the job. After clicking, you can decide how many threads to use for processing.

3) pause job: Click to pause the threads from picking up new frames to render. Frames that are rendering at the time of clicking the pause button will continue processing until they are finished but will not pick up any new frames.

4) export job log: Click to export the job log to your hard drive. For more information please refer to exporting_job_log.

5) refresh: Click to manually refresh the job log. Please note that the job log will be refreshed automatically. This button serves to do that step manually as soon as you click it.

6) log dropdown: Click to reveal all the different log information including:

  • job: all: Show all job log information.

  • job: info: Show only job info details.

  • job: done: Show only frame finished rendering details.

  • job: error: Show only rendering error details.

  • pending frames: Show only frames that haven’t been rendered so far.

  • terminal input: Show only terminal input commands that will be generated by smartRender and send to NUKE’s terminal.

  • terminal output: Show only terminal output commands that will be generated by NUKE’s terminal.

7) log: The log information.

8) open render directory button: Click to show the render directory as it is set in the job’s write node’s file knob.

9) close: Click to close the job log window.

Exporting the job log

Each job log can be exported to your hard drive as a text file. To export a job log please click the export button at the top right of the job log window:


A file browser will show up which lets you choose a location and a file name for your log to export. The log will be exported as a .txt file on your hard drive. It contains the job details, the job log, terminal input commands and terminal outputs.