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Time tracking for NUKE smartLog

Time track your work

smartLog offers automatic time tracking to precisely keep track how much time you spend on your working files. It includes idle detection that can be individually set. Logs can be viewed in a variety of viewing modes including history- ranking and pie view mode.

Day rate calculator

Get instant feedback about day rates of selected time logs. Your costs can be individually adjusted so that you can keep track of how much money you earned for a selected amount of work.

Time tracker for automatic notifications

Get automatically notified after custom set intervals using smartLog's time tracker. Set an interval and keep working without getting interrupted within that time frame.

Get data into and out of smartLog into third-party apps

Logs can be imported into and exported out of smartLog using various formats like json, csv and pdf. You can also create custom commands to send the logs to third party apps.

Filter and search logs

smartLog offers filtering and searching logs via different categories so that you can always find work from the past. Additionally, they can be tagged in order to group cohesive logs.


Do you have any question about smartLog? make sure to read our tools specific faq for smartLog.


• Automatic time tracking incl. idle detection
• Auto notifications using custom intervals
• Day rate calculator
• Multiple viewing modes
• Import and export time logs to multiple formats
• Inject custom code, connect to third party apps


Nuke11, Nuke12, Nuke13, Nuke14, Nuke15

Linux, Mac, Windows

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download trial

Please use our free tool connect to download your smartLog trial.
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The written documentation can be found here: smartLog documentation

FAQ for smartLog

Here you will find some frequently asked questions on smartLog. Please make sure to read them first. Please also have a look on the documentation. If you have any question that is not listed in here please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you.

How do I install smartLog?

Each cragl tool can be installed via cragl connect - our free tool to install and manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. If you haven't already done so please download connect.
By opening connect you will see a list of all cragl tools. You can drag and drop it to the right hand side of the connect window to reveal more infos. Just click on "buy". After purchasing you will receive an install code for your tool. Now simply click "install now" and enter the received install code. The tool will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. So you don't need to struggle with any install issue.

Using smartLog in with Deadline crashes Nuke when using the Deadline internal submitter

Users reported that having smartLog and Deadline in the same environment freezes Nuke when using the Deadine internal submitter.

There seems to be an issue with Deadline logging to stdout which freezes Nuke and this comes apparent when having smartLog in the same environment. That is because smartLog needs to overwrite certain threading methods in order to log time accurately. Please have a look at this patch which seems to fix this issue of Deadline logging to stdout and thus no longer freeze Nuke when using the Deadline internal submitter:


Here you find an overview of the smartLog's versions and its improvements. Please log in to download versions.

smartLog v1.8.0

• Update to nuke-15

smartLog v1.7.0

• Time display - Configure to display time by days or overall hours

smartLog v1.6.0

• Add studio model
• Add help menu

smartLog v1.5.0

• Update to nuke-14

smartLog v1.4.1

• Fix dropping license into license window raises UnicodeDecodeError

smartLog v1.4.0

• Fix reading trial license data fails decrypting
• Send email to license author when machine installs license

smartLog v1.3.3

• Make Nuke-13 ready

smartLog v1.3.2

• Allow install if mac id is already in DB and license quantity is 0

smartLog v1.3.1

• Fix main UI is not addressable after installing time log listener

smartLog v1.3.0

• Export current view in time ranking mode and pie view mode as csv

smartLog v1.2.0

• Inject custom values into time logs
• Skip log from loading when it cannot be parsed

smartLog v1.1.0

• Make merge pattern configurable
• Increase idle settings time to 4 digits

smartLog v1.0.2

• Update entry point location for Linux
• Fix right click menu does not get shown

smartLog v1.0.1

• Fix confirm dialog stays below main window in Windows
• Fix cannot delete time log in Windows as there is an open file handle

smartLog v1.0.0

• Initial release