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Fix broken working files
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Store, retrieve and execute Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands
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Commands and scriptlets at your fingertips
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free tool to download and manage all your cragl tools.
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Rescue broken working files

smartRescue lets you repair working files that won't open anymore. It offers several so called steps that run over your working files to update them so that you should hopefully soon be back working in your files.

Launch in Nuke and standalone

smartRescue can be run in Nuke and as a standalone application. We also provide baked executables that you just double click to launch.

Free tool

Enjoy smartRescue completely for free. You're welcome.


• 100% free
• Rescue broken working files
• Get information about yourt files
• Run standalone and in Nuke
• Easily write your own rescue steps

Store, retrieve and execute Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands

smartScripter provides functionality to quickly store, retrieve and execute python code, tcl code and Nuke node snippets. These can be stored as commands inside smartScripter and are shareable among artists. As smartScripter lets you quickly jump between different scripts, it can speed up your daily work, even if you are just working on your own.

Collaboration made simple

smartScritpter allows to use a shared pool of stacks. This makes collaborating among artists powerful. Your team can work on one large stack collection. Or just work on your own - you decide.


• 100% free
• Store, retrieve and execute any commands
• Supports Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands
• Easily collaborate among artists
• Keep track of your favorite toolsets

Access all commands from one central location

smartCommand lets you quickly execute commands from all menus and sub menus (inclusive custom menus) inside Nuke. It offers easy access to all commands in one list and provides search functionality to find commands quickly. Used commands get stored in your history.

Create custom collections and scriptlets

You can create custom collections for your favorite commands and assign colors and hotkeys to them. In addition, smartCommand offers the scriptlets menu to execute any kind of custom python commands.

Customize it to your needs

smartCommand offers a variety of settings and lets you customize your collection- and scriptlets root so that you can either work on your own or share and use collections and scriptlets among other artists.


• Execute commands from one central location
• Bundle commands into custom collections
• Tint and assing hotkeys to commands
• Execute scriptlets
• Share custom collections and scriptlets
• Floating window and dockable window

Manage all your cragl tools - directly inside NUKE

connect is a free tool that lets you manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. connect offers a window which shows all available cragl tools - directly inside NUKE. You can browse tools, get direct connection to purchasing them and getting more information.

install and update tools

You use connect to install and update all of your purchased cragl tools. Installing them can't be simpler – Just enter your instal code that was sent to you by email when you purchased one of our product. The purchased tool will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. Connect lets you install trial versions of all cragl product.


• Install and manage all of your cragl tools
• Install all trial versions
• Update tools
• Check for tools news
• Link for more information and purchase
• All actions take place directly inside NUKE