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Multi threaded media converter, ingestion and delivery
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The element library for Nuke
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Time tracking for NUKE
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Edit knobs on the fly
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Free tool to download and manage all your cragl tools.
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Multi threaded media converter, ingestion and delivery tool

smartMedia is a fully customizable multi threaded media converter, ingestion and delivery tool. It lets you convert image and video based media from one format into another. It uses Nuke under the hood to drive media conversions. Due to using Nuke's node based workflow this means full flexibility to create any output you like - including custom slates and burnins. Plus you can trigger any custom actions.

Create presets using smartMedia's preset wizard

smartMedia provides a rich preset system that you can fully customize to your needs. You can quickly create new presets with minimal effort using our preset creation wizard and further define it to your needs afterwards if needed. Presets can then be applied to multiple sources in one go to batch create the needed outputs for your projects.

Fully customizable

smartMedia is customizable in many details and provides a variety of settings that you can adjust to your needs. And if you have some Python knowledge you can take over full control and trigger any additional logic on various events and run custom functions like on any selected task.


• Media converter, ingestion and delivery tool
• Multi threaded
• Fully customizable
• Create presets easily using a presets wizard
• Trigger custom functionality on various events
• Works standalone and inside Nuke

Use a common pool of media in your team

smartElements is a media browser for your every days work, regardless of whether you work alone or in a small or large team. Create a pool of commonly used media and simply access elements that you use often in one place. Bringing media into smartElements is as easy as dragging a folder or a file into smartElements. To use media in your comp simply drag it from smartElements into your DAG. You can categorize your media by stacks and lists. You can favorite your most often media and search media by many keywords.

Categorize your elements by stacks and lists

You can categorize media inside lists that are contained inside stacks. This gives you a lot of flexibility in organizing your media. You can use a stack per show, user, or any other way you like.

Auto register your renderings on render finished

Renderings can automatically be registered to smartElements in order to build up your projects and having a quick overview about your current progress.

Create custom pre- and post processors

If you have some technical knowledge, you can even further customize smartElements and create your custom pre- and post processors that let you perform additional tasks when it comes to ingesting your media into smartElements.


• Element library for Nuke
• Store 2D/3D elements and toolsets
• Galery, list and filmstrip views
• Categorize your elements in stacks and lists
• Tag elements and search by various criteria
• Create custom pre- and post processors
• Create playlists

Time track your work

smartLog offers automatic time tracking to precisely keep track how much time you spend on your working files. It includes idle detection that can be individually set. Logs can be viewed in a variety of viewing modes including history- ranking and pie view mode.

Day rate calculator

Get instant feedback about day rates of selected time logs. Your costs can be individually adjusted so that you can keep track of how much money you earned for a selected amount of work.

Time tracker for automatic notifications

Get automatically notified after custom set intervals using smartLog's time tracker. Set an interval and keep working without getting interrupted within that time frame.

Get data into and out of smartLog into third-party apps

Logs can be imported into and exported out of smartLog using various formats like json, csv and pdf. You can also create custom commands to send the logs to third party apps.


• Automatic time tracking incl. idle detection
• Auto notifications using custom intervals
• Day rate calculator
• Multiple viewing modes
• Import and export time logs to multiple formats
• Inject custom code, connect to third party apps

Edit knobs on the fly

smartEdit lets you edit knobs on the fly without the need to navigate to Nuke's properties bin. You can leave your mouse cursor in your node graph and quickly update knobs. You can set up knobs to show up for each node class and speed up editing knobs that are often updated.

Execute quickscripts for all node classes

smartEdit offers functionality to execute any Python code for a selected node. These codes can be shared among your team and everybody can access quick helpers that speed up your daily work.

Customize knob mappings

All knob mappings can be customized to your needs and you can add new custom knob mappings as required.


• 100% free
• Edit knobs on the fly
• Set quickknobs for single nodes and node classes
• Execute quickscripts for all node classes
• Share quickscripts with your team
• Customize knob mappings

Manage all your cragl tools - directly inside NUKE

connect is a free tool that lets you manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. connect offers a window which shows all available cragl tools - directly inside NUKE. You can browse tools, get direct connection to purchasing them and getting more information.

install and update tools

You use connect to install and update all of your purchased cragl tools. Installing them can't be simpler – Just enter your instal code that was sent to you by email when you purchased one of our product. The purchased tool will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. Connect lets you install trial versions of all cragl product.


• Install and manage all of your cragl tools
• Install all trial versions
• Update tools
• Check for tools news
• Link for more information and purchase
• All actions take place directly inside NUKE