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How can we help you?

If you experience any issue with one of our tools or have a feature request or any other question, please feel free to reach out, we are always happy to hear from you. We will reply back to you as quickly as possible to ensure that you are satisfied with us and our tools.

In order to contact us please open a support ticket in your personal cragl backend or contact us via

If you experience any issue with one of our tools please make sure you have checked out the tutorial video and written online documentation for that tool first. Please also check out the tool specific 'What's new' page at the beginning of each written documentation to not miss any features. Over the time, each cragl tool has gained several new features which are listed in there.

If you have an issue, please describe your problem as detailed as possible. If you get any log error messages please send it was well. The best (but not recommended) is to record a brief screen shot video which illustrates your problem.

Please make sure to send us these Information:
• Your used operating system and the version
• Your used Nuke version
• The steps you took that raised the issue.
• If you get any error messages be it in a pop up window or in your script editor, please send these information to us as well.

Providing these details this will ensure that we can help you faster than if we didn't have these information.