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If you experience any issue with one of our tools please check the tool specific faq section first. Maybe your question and a possible solution is listed here. If there is no described solution or the solution did not work for you, please open a support ticket in your personal cragl backend. We really want to make sure that our cragl tools work for everyone and if you have an issue that is not listed in the faq, you are most likely the first one who experienced it. We do our best to fix all issues as quickly as possible, but we can only fix issues that we are aware of.

Please describe your problem as detailed as possible. If you get any log error messages please send it was well. The best (but not recommended) would be if you record a brief screen shot video which illustrates your problem. We will work on your issue as quickly as possible to ensure that you are happy and you can use our tools.

Please make sure to send us these Information:
• Your used operating system and the version
• Your used application version
• The steps you took that raised the issue.
• If you get any error messages be it in a pop up window or in your script editor, please send these information to us as well.

Providing these details this will ensure that we can help you faster than if we didn't have these information.