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Welcome to cragl - vfx tools

We have specialized in writing tools and plugins for the vfx industry, mainly focusing on Foundry's NUKE. If you find yourself doing repetitive and tedious tasks in your every day's compositing work then have a look on our tools. They can save you a lot of time and will make you more productive.

You can read more here on our story.

Purchase once - get all updates. Free. Forever.

Once purchased you can always update your tool with no additional costs applied. Anywhere. Anytime. That's what we call a fair deal.

connect - managing all of your cragl tools

Using our free tool 'connect' all of our tools can be installed and updated fully automatically directly inside NUKE. Please have a look on connect to get more information on how it works and to download it.

download connect now

simplify – automate – accelerate

All of our tools aim to simplify, automate and accelerate your every day's work. Think smart – Why always setting up a lot of unnecessary steps when there can be a one button click solution? Many artists often don't want to struggle with scripting, thankfully many tasks can be simplified and automated so you as an artist don't need to use any scripting at all. Automation is something that can be well handled by your computer which results in not doing repetitive tasks by yourself. This will accelerate your work, will lead in better results and you will have more time to concentrate on other stuff.

No internet connection needed

All of our tools work offline, so there is no internet connection required. - our partner

All of our tools are only available at - the world wide leading market place for vfx plugins. On our website you will find all information about our tools but you can only purchase them at


License models

We offer node locked and site licenses that can be used on any machine. The following shows the differences between the two licenses.

Node locked Site license
Online and offline usage
Get all updates
Use on x machines 1 ∞ infinite
Use on multiple machines in parallel
whitelist any machine
Blacklist any machine


All of our tools are compatible with Linux (tested on ubuntu and centos, other distros might work too), MacOSX and Windows (7 + 10). Supported Versions of Nuke are Nuke11.1 and upwards unless otherwise specified.

Please note: In the past, we supported legacy Nuke versions back to Nuke-8. However, the Nuke internal ssl python module that ships with Nuke does no longer support multiple needed functions in older versions. Supported Versions of Maya are Maya2014, Maya2015 and Maya2016 unless otherwise specified.

linux mac windows
Linux (centos / ubuntu), MacOSX, Windows (7 / 10)
Nuke11.1 Nuke11.2 Nuke11.3 Nuke12.0 Nuke12.1 Nuke12.2
Nuke 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 13.0
Maya2014 Maya2015 Maya2016
Maya2014, 2015, 2016

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