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One license to use them all

Besides our node locked and site licenses which we will always continue, we offer a new license model: Enter cragl studio.

cragl studio is an annual subscription license that lets you use all cragl tools with one single license. So you get access to every functionality we offer for all of our current tools. But you get also access to all future tools that are about to come.

Get all updates

Equally to our regular node locked and site licenses you will get all updates for all tools for free.

Online and Offline usage - no internet required

All of our tools work online and offline. There is no internet connection required. So no matter your setup, you are good to go.

Single licenses and multi licenses available

We offer single licenses to be node locked to one machine (which you can transfer to another machine at any time) as well as multi license seats for an infinite amount of machines to equip your whole team. So no matter if you work just on your own or in a smaller or larger team - we have the right plan for you.

Use connect to get access to everything

You can use our free tool connect to get everything downloaded and installed fully automatically for you in one go. Simply log in and choose which products you want to download.
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49$ / year

Node locked to one machine (transfer anytime)
ideal for single users
  • Use all current and upcoming cragl tools
  • Node locked to one machine (transfer anytime)
  • Get all product updates
  • Online and offline usage
get cragl studio single


399$ / year

Use on inifnite amount of machines
ideal for teams, no matter their size
  • Use all current and upcoming cragl tools
  • Use on as many machines as you like
  • Get all product updates
  • Online and offline usage
  • White list and black list any machines
  • Use on multiple machines in parallel
get cragl studio multi

Access all of our 16 products - and even more to come in the future

cragl offers many pipeline tools across multiple 2D disciplines inside Nuke. Each tool concentrates on simplifying and accelerating a specific area and putting all tools together they can greatly enhance your every days live as a compositor inside Nuke. Here is what you get access to:


Extending Nukes Output Nodes

• Add additional functionality to output nodes
• Turn extra features on and off when needed
• Apply custom shortcuts
• Access renderings from a render history
• Explode renderings back to its node setup
• Set up and apply custom presets

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Multi threaded media converter, ingestion and delivery

• Media converter, ingestion and delivery tool
• Multi threaded
• Fully customizable
• Create presets easily using a presets wizard
• Trigger custom functionality on various events
• Works standalone and inside Nuke

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The element library for Nuke

• Element library for Nuke
• Store 2D/3D elements and toolsets
• Galery, list and filmstrip views
• Categorize your elements in stacks and lists
• Tag elements and search by various criteria
• Create custom pre- and post processors
• Create playlists

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Time tracking for NUKE

• Automatic time tracking incl. idle detection
• Auto notifications using custom intervals
• Day rate calculator
• Multiple viewing modes
• Import and export time logs to multiple formats
• Inject custom code, connect to third party apps

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smartEdit (free tool)

Edit knobs on the fly

• 100% free
• Edit knobs on the fly
• Set quickknobs for single nodes and node classes
• Execute quickscripts for all node classes
• Share quickscripts with your team
• Customize knob mappings

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smartRescue (free tool)

Fix broken working files

• 100% free
• Rescue broken working files
• Get information about your files
• Run standalone and in Nuke
• Easily write your own rescue steps

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smartScripter (free tool)

Store, retrieve and execute Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands

• 100% free
• Store, retrieve and execute any commands
• Supports Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands
• Easily collaborate among artists
• Keep track of your favorite toolsets

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Intelligent node linking for NUKE

• Node linking and easy navigation
• Favorite any node
• Jump to your nodes and cycle through links
• Backdrop Manager
• Shortcut Editor
• Customizable to your needs

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Commands and scriptlets at your fingertips

• Execute commands from one central location
• Bundle commands into custom collections
• Tint and assign hotkeys to commands
• Execute scriptlets
• Share custom collections and scriptlets
• Floating window and dockable window

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Multi threaded batch archiving for NUKE

• Batch archive Nukescripts multi threaded
• Collect ALL used sources, not only footage
• Run standalone
• Detailed logging information
• Recreate sources paths
• Create relative or absolute source paths

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Fast look development inside NUKE, Infinite global toolsets

• Enhancing look development inside NUKE
• Snapshot browser
• Create, save, edit, import and export looks
• Quickly toggle between different looks
• Infinite global toolset directories
• Set your viewer resolution faster than ever before

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Multithreaded background rendering and super fast feedback for NUKE

• Multi threaded background rendering for NUKE
• Dramatically speed up your renderings
• Batch render multiple jobs
• Super fast feedback preview
• Detailed job log information
• Customize render commands to your needs

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Instant messenger for NUKE and MAYA. Communicate with other artists, share data and connect locally and world wide.

• Instant messenger for NUKE and MAYA
• Connect world wide and with your local artists
• Group chats
• Exchange messages, nodes, images, files, etc.
• Everything is saved encrypted

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Project and shot management for Nuke. Whether you work alone or in a team, you'll love it

• Project and shot manager for NUKE
• Keep track off all your shots
• Easily navigate between multiple projects and shots
• Per shot todo list and status view
• Export all of your project details as pdf
• Create new shots by shot templates
• Automatically set up render locations

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Manage your node menus including nodes and gizmos in a clever and simple way

• Shelves and gizmo manager for NUKE
• Manage your node menus without any coding
• Easily install gizmos/ nodes and assign shortcuts
• Access the latest created nodes

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Quickly jump to your recent Nuke projects and keep track of your work

• Script selector for NUKE
• Keep track of all your latest nukescripts
• Simply switch between latest nukescripts
• Decide how many recent scripts to display

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