Welcome to smartLib’s documentation!

smartLib is a project and shot management system for NUKE. If you find yourself often switching between several shots and projects then this tool is for you.

You can set shot status and write comments for each shot and thus keep track of your work. Everybody using smartLib in your team will also see each shot status and comments which makes collaborating among artists simple and fast. Shots can be assigned to artists so that everybody knows who is working on which shots.

smartLib lets you create and manage fully customizable shot templates and lets you create multiple shots at once - containing the folder structure you need. Plus, you don’t need to set up render locations manually anymore. Additionally, it offers a lot more functionality to simplify your daily comp work and keep managing your projects simple.

  • Project and shot manager for NUKE
  • Keep track off all your shots
  • Easily navigate between multiple projects and shots
  • Per shot todo list and status view
  • Export all of your project details as pdf
  • Create new shots by shot templates
  • Automatically set up render locations
  • Automatically create sequence cuts
Tool homepage: https://www.cragl.com/smartLib

Where to buy: https://aescripts.com/smartlib


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