The main window

Using cragl -> connect or the shortcut Shift + A launches the connect main window, which like the following:


At the top you see icons for all installed tools. Clicking the cragl logo at the top right navigates you to our website. The connect window contains three tabs

  • all tools
  • installed tools
  • settings

The following describes all sections.

all tools


The first tab all tools shows you all available cragl tools.

1) Use this input to search for a specific tool.

2) This list shows you all available tools. To get more information for a tool, simply double click the small tool image or drag it to the right hand side of the window.

3) This is the current tool to show more information on.

4) This section gives you more information about the tool.

5) In here you find the following buttons:

  • buy: Clicking it opens the web browser that lets you buy one or multiple licenses.
  • install: Once purchased a license, click this button to enter your install code or login with your account. This will download the tool and install the license for you automatically.
  • trial: Click this button to download a fully featured time restricted trial for the current cragl tool.
  • more info: Click this button to browse to our website to get more information about our tool.

installed tools

The second tab installed tools helps you managing your installed cragl tools.


1) The top table shows you information about your current connect version. In the update column you can update connect directly inside the connect window. Connect informs you automatically when there is an update available.

2) The bottom table shows you all installed cragl tools. If you don’t want to load a cragl tool for the time being you can decide to exclude it from loading when you launch NUKE. Just un-check the load option of a specific tool. When you close connect you’ll be asked to restart NUKE so that the changes apply. The next time you launch NUKE the tool won’t be loaded anymore. To restore it just hit the according “load” checkbox again.

To uninstall a cragl tool click the according “uninstall” button in the uninstall column.


The third tab settings shows you some additional settings to adjust connect to your needs.


1) This is the connect install location.

2) Here you can set a proxy in case your machine is using one.

3) Here you can set the port if your machine uses a proxy.

4) Click this button to test the proxy configuration.

5) This is the mac address of your machine. Node locked licenses are locked to this mac address.

6) Enabling this checkbox will cache tool images and will speed up the loading time of connect. We recommend keeping this checkbox enabled for better performance.

7) Click to flush the image cache.

8) Enabling this checkbox will show you a notification when an updated for one of our tools is available. We recommend keeping this checkbox checked so that you are informed about our tool updates and will always have access to the latest and greatest.

9) Keeping this checkbox checked ensures connect is connected to our server so that it can retrieve important tool information. In case your machine is offline and there is no need to connect to our server you can turn this off. In some cases this might also speed up launching connect and other tools.

10) Click to show the connect log. Each tool logs information into the connect log.

11) Click this button to browse to our website.

12) Click this button to send us some feedback about our tools.