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Store, retrieve and execute Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands smartScripter

Store, retrieve and execute Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands

smartScripter provides functionality to quickly store, retrieve and execute python code, tcl code and Nuke node snippets. These can be stored as commands inside smartScripter and are shareable among artists. As smartScripter lets you quickly jump between different scripts, it can speed up your daily work, even if you are just working on your own.

Collaboration made simple

smartScritpter allows to use a shared pool of stacks. This makes collaborating among artists powerful. Your team can work on one large stack collection. Or just work on your own - you decide.

Customize to your own workflow

smartScritpter allows you to layout your stacks the way you want. So you can customize these to your own workflow


Do you have any question about smartScripter? make sure to read our tools specific faq for smartScripter.


• 100% free
• Store, retrieve and execute any commands
• Supports Python, TCL and Nuke nodes commands
• Easily collaborate among artists
• Keep track of your favorite toolsets


Nuke8, Nuke9, Nuke10, Nuke11, Nuke12, Nuke13

Linux, Mac, Windows


Please use our free tool connect to download your smartScripter .
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The written documentation can be found here: smartScripter documentation

FAQ for smartScripter

Here you will find some frequently asked questions on smartScripter. Please make sure to read them first. Please also have a look on the documentation. If you have any question that is not listed in here please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you.

How do I install smartScripter?

Each cragl tool can be installed via cragl connect - our free tool to install and manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. If you haven't already done so please download connect.
By opening connect you will see a list of all cragl tools. You can drag and drop it to the right hand side of the connect window to reveal more infos. Just click on "buy". After purchasing you will receive an install code for your tool. Now simply click "install now" and enter the received install code. The tool will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. So you don't need to struggle with any install issue.


Here you find an overview of the smartScripter's versions and its improvements. Please log in to download versions.

smartScripter v1.0.5

• Make Nuke-13 ready

smartScripter v1.0.4

• Speed up running in offline mode

smartScripter v1.0.3

• Update internal package structure

smartScripter v1.0.2

• Fix color picker dialog not showing up

smartScripter v1.0.1

• Fix imports for Nuke 11

smartScripter v1.0.0

• Initial release