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smartRender 2.0 is here


smartRender2.0 is here. 3 awesome new features are waiting for you:

• render info panel to quickly access and edit your renderings
• batch render multiple shots
• rendering external nuke scripts without opening them

smartRender 2.0 is here smartRender 2.0 is here smartRender 2.0 is here smartRender 2.0 is here smartRender 2.0 is here smartRender 2.0 is here smartRender 2.0 is here

smartLib 3.0 is here


smartLib 3.0 is here. Thanks for all the nice feedback and the great feature requests. We have added the following features:

• user setting to set the user for the currently opened shot
• setting default formats for nuke scripts
• changing the format of a nuke script on the fly (shot template creation, tree hierarchy current shot, creating new shots from template)
• pin/ unpin smartLib main window to stay always on top or not
• ignore nuke script in shot dropdown(e.g. backup- and annotation scripts)
• delete preview shot image
• inline tooltips on all major widgets and elements (smartLib main window and settings)
• overall code improvement, stability and speed ups

Released smartRender 1.1


Today we released smartRender 1.1 which includes some new awesome features:

• Added global node changer window
• Added automatic cache write node creator
• Added input mode to frame range in smartRender window

As always: Once purchased you will get any tool update for free. Have a great day.

Released smartRender 1.1 Released smartRender 1.1

smartRender in The Foundry's official plugin list


Thank you The Foundry, smartRender is now listed in The Foundry's official plugin list:

smartRender in The Foundry's official plugin list

smartRender out now


Today we released smartRender - a multithreaded background rendering tool for Nuke for Nuke that works in Linux, Mac and Windows. Using smartRender you can heavily decrease your rendering times. You can manually set the threads to use for rendering and use all your hardware resources. Now you will also be able to get super fast feedback on preview renderings faster than ever. And you can even export a detailed render log.

As every cragl tool you can try it for free. Simply launch Nuke, open connect and click the 'trial' button on the right. You will get a fully featured time limited trial version of smartRender.

For more information about smartRender please check out our smartRender product page:
For an in depth tutorial video that shows you how to use smartRender please check out:

Have an awesome day.

smartRender out now smartRender out now smartRender out now smartRender out now

smartLib 2.3 with 10 new awesome features


Today we have released smartLib 2.3 with ten new awesome features that will even more simplify and speed up your daily compositing work. As always: If you have purchased smartLib you can update for free. Have a nice day. And please check out the feature video below.

cragl features in DigitalProduction


We are happy to be featured with a three pages article in the latest Digital Production, the major magazine for digital images in Germany. If you can read Deutsch here you can find the article.

cragl features in DigitalProduction cragl features in DigitalProduction cragl features in DigitalProduction cragl features in DigitalProduction

Released smartLib 2.2


• double clicking the saved projects opens the currently clicked project in the project view
• fixed bug that caused problem when setting the thumbnail image in windows 10
• custom status color - color picker now in edit window
• functionality to set the padding delimiter to an underscore or to a fullstop

Released smartLib 2.2

Customer Review on smartLib


A big thank you goes to Andrew Shanks from New Zealand who published a nice little article about smartLib in which he talks about how smartLib changed his way of working inside Nuke.

The article can be read here:

Customer Review on smartLib Customer Review on smartLib Customer Review on smartLib Customer Review on smartLib

smartLib 2.1


We released smartLib v2.1:

• added functionality to set render path for a shot outside the shot folder. Works also for whole shot templates (Please refer to to the smartLib documentation at Setting a custom render directory).

• Fixed Bug that caused errors in creating shot thumbnails in windows

smartLib 2.1

Nuke10 ready


Nuke 10 is released and we are happy to announce that all cragl tools are Nuke 10 Ready.

Nuke10 ready

25% off discount


If you buy all 4 cragl tools smartMessage, smartLib, smartShelves and smartRecents you will get a 25% discount. The discount will get applied automatically when purchasing all 4 tools in one go.

25% off discount

smartLib 2.0 is released


We have published smartLib v2.0. Thanks to the feature request of Tom Tiller.

Main features:
• creating and edititng custom status
• export project information as pdf

smartLib is a shot and project management system for Nuke. For more information please checkout:

This is the chngelog for v2.0:

• code optimization
• added Status/Report Tab in Settings (see documentation 4.2)
• added functionality to create custom shot status (see documentation 4.2.1, 4.2.2)
• added functionality to export the current project with all thumbnails, status and comments (see documentation 5)
• added shortcut to system section. Pressing enter will now enter the currently selected folder
• added shortcut to system section. Pressing the backspace key will now leave the current folder and navigate to the parent folder
• added reveal in finder functionality to right click menu in system section
• fixed bug that caused the status to be redrawn to the previuos status in the current project section if a shot note is written
• fixed bug that caused problems with loading a project that had non well formed metaxml files

FREE SMARTMESSAGE licenses! Valid until 04 March 2016


FREE SMARTMESSAGE licenses are here!!! Valid until 04 March 2016: test our tools and submit your feedback to and you will get a FREE smartMessage license which can be installed on 2 machines!

All cragl products can be tested and installed with our free tool connect, directly inside Nuke.

FREE SMARTMESSAGE licenses! Valid until 04 March 2016

Thanks Lesterbanks


Thanks for featuring, Lesterbanks

Thanks Lesterbanks

Install any cragl product in under 30 seconds - for free


Installing a plugin shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds, or what do you think?

Try all cragl tools for 14 days instead of 7 days


Valid till end of February:
Download connect and you can try all of our products without any restrictions for free for 14 days. Download and install them in our free tool connect - directly inside nuke. For more information please have a look at: If you like our products please don't forget to follow us on facebook:

Try all cragl tools for 14 days instead of 7 days

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released new tool: smartMessage


smartMessage - instant messenger for Nuke and Maya

smartMessage is an instant messenger for Nuke and Maya. You can use it as a local network and let all your Nuke and Maya artists in your company communicate with each other to let them work more efficiently as a team. And you can also use it to get connected to a global network of digital artists. Using smartMessage you can write message and exchange data like node setups, images, 3D data like cameras and even animated geometry. Speed up your workflow and enhance the collaboration among artists.

For more information please visit

released new tool - connect


cragl connect - free cragl tool manager that downloads and installs cragl products fully automatically

connect is a free tool that lets you manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. connect offers a window which shows all available cragl tools - directly inside NUKE. You can browse tools, get direct connection to purchasing them and getting more information.

For more information please visit

released new tool - smartLib


smartLib - project ans shot management for Nuke

smartLib is a project and shot management system for Nuke. If you find yourself often switching between different projects and/ or shots then this tool will become handy for you. You can easily navigate between different projects and shots, set shot status and write notes. Other artists in your team that use smartLib too can see the shots status and comments and can add and edit them. In addition you can create new shots out of fully customizable shot tempales.

For more information please visit

released new tool - smartShelves


smartShelves - shelves and gizmo manager for Nuke

smartShelves lets you manage your node shelves in a simple, fast and intuitive way. To create and edit custom shelves you usually need some knowledge about python scripting. With smartShelves you don't need to script anything at all. You can add new custom shelves and assign nodes and gizmos to them. You can also assign hotkeys for your nodes and gizmos. You can always edit and change your custom shelves. If you work on a centralized repository you can set up smartShelves with a custom gizmo path so that all gizmos in the specified directory are imported automatically on your machine. Everything is done visually without the need to write even one line of code.

For more information please visit

released new tool - smartRecents


smartRecents - script selector for Nuke

Don't waste any time searching nuke scripts manually in your explorer. All your recent work is immediately accessible. smartRecents offers a window to quickly access your latest nuke scripts. You can also reveal a script directly in your explorer. In the settings you can decide how many scripts you want to see in the smartRecents window and if you lime to have the smartRecents window pop up whenever you launch NUKE or if you like to see it just when you need it.

For more information please visit

Hello World!


Hello World!
Today we are happy to announce our release. We are cragl vfx tools and we have specialized in writing tools and plugins for the vfx industry, mainly focusing on The Foundry's Nuke. We focus on simplifying, automating and accelerating every day's compositing tasks. All cragl products aim to lead in a more productive workflow in which the artist doesn't need to struggle with repetitive tasks.

Hello World!