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Multi threaded batch archiving for NUKE
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fast look development inside NUKE, Infinite global toolsets
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multithreaded background rendering and super fast feedback for NUKE
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Instant messenger for NUKE and MAYA. Communicate with other artists, share data and connect locally and world wide.
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free tool to download and manage all your cragl tools.
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Batch archiving Nukescripts - multi threaded

smartCollect is a convenient way of batch collecting your Nukescripts multi threaded. Whether you are archiving, outsourcing or simply collecting and transferring your shots to other locations - smartCollect makes the whole collecting process very quick and simple.

smartCollect will collect all sources of your Nukescripts - not only footage from your read nodes but also all other nodes that contain files. Using smartCollect you will archive all script's dependencies - whether it is plates, geometry- and camera files and even luts and many more.

smartCollect can be run directly inside Nuke and as a standalone application.


• Batch archive Nukescripts multi threaded
• Collect ALL used sources, not only footage
• Run standalone
• Detailed logging information
• Recreate sources paths
• Create relative or absolute source paths

smart look development

smartLook offers the snapshot browser to take snapshots of your work, flag and comment snapshots and work collaboratively on look versions for your comps.

smartLook lets you save, edit, import and export looks for each node, save different node- and even multiple animation versions for your nodes. Using the looks slider you can quickly toggle between your versions.

Infinite global toolset directories

Using smartLook you can set up an inifinite amount of global toolsets that you can use to share toolsets with your team.

Set your resolution faster than ever before

Using smartLooks resolution slider you can change your viewer resolution faster than ever before and keep your script at a reasonable proccessing time.


• Enhancing look development inside NUKE
• Snapshot browser
• Create, save, edit, import and export looks
• Quickly toggle between different looks
• Infinite global toolset directories
• Set your viewer resolution faster than ever before

Dramatically reduce your rendering times

smartRender lets you reduce your rendering times and makes rendering dramatically faster compared to the standard rendering process. It uses all your hardware resources efficiently to speed up the processing. Additionally it includes functionality to get super fast comp previews in a few seconds.

Detailed job log

smartRender lets you view a detailed job log which can also be exported as a text file. It gives you instant feedback and lets you also detect rendering errors.

Customize your rendering commands

smartRender works out of the box producing fast renderings but if you have some programing experience you can edit, change and customize smartRender's processing commands to your needs so you can fully customize it to your pipeline.


• Multi threaded background rendering for NUKE
• Dramatically speed up your renderings
• Batch render multiple jobs
• Super fast feedback preview
• Detailed job log information
• Customize render commands to your needs

Connect with smartMessage

smartMessage is an instant messenger for NUKE and MAYA. smartMessage offers the ability to connect to other artists locally and globally, write messages and share node setups, images, alembic files and much more. You can use both chat methods simultaneously - local and global connections. If you use the first method then your computer doesn't even need to be connected to the web.

We respect your privacy

With both options all data is safely stored encrypted. Only you and the other communication partner can read the messages.


• Instant messenger for NUKE and MAYA
• Connect world wide and with your local artists
• Group chats
• Exchange messages, nodes, images, files, etc.
• Everything is saved encrypted

Manage all your cragl tools - directly inside NUKE

connect is a free tool that lets you manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. connect offers a window which shows all available cragl tools - directly inside NUKE. You can browse tools, get direct connection to purchasing them and getting more information.

install and update tools

You use connect to install and update all of your purchased cragl tools. Installing them can't be simpler – Just enter your instal code that was sent to you by email when you purchased one of our product. The purchased tool will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. Connect lets you install trial versions of all cragl product.


• Install and manage all of your cragl tools
• Install all trial versions
• Update tools
• Check for tools news
• Link for more information and purchase
• All actions take place directly inside NUKE