What’s new?


  • Update to nuke-15


  • Add studio model

  • Add help menu




  • Update to nuke-14



  • Fix: Settings file is non well formed when creating a new one

There was a small issue that got introduced while porting smartLib to Nuke-13 that caused a new smartLib settings file to be non well formed when creating one from scratch. This has been fixed now.


  • Fix dropping license into license window raises UnicodeDecodeError


Send email to license author when machine installs license

You as a license owner will now receive an email when a new machine uses your license. This is just another layer of security to ensure your licenses get only used by you and no one else. In case you own a site license, you can always white- and black list any machines and decide yourself which machines to allow / disallow usage of your licenses.


  • Fix reading trial license data fails decrypting


  • Port to Nuke-13


  • Allow install if mac id is already in DB and license quantity is 0
  • Speed up running in offline mode


  • Open up for site licenses
  • Use credentials to install a tool


  • Initial release


  • Sanitize User inputs
  • Load ‘all’ collection when current collection not accessible
  • Add documentation
  • Add line numbers and highlighter to ScriptletEditor
  • Set startup position for main window
  • Read custom scriptlet template
  • Set module doc strings as tooltips for scriptlets
  • Update hotkeys for all, history, scriptlets
  • Close main window on successful command execution
  • Add Scriptlet functionality
  • Re order commands
  • Limit history by setting
  • implement licensing system
  • Write tooltips for all major widgets
  • Shortcut for commands
  • Add icons for context menus
  • Delete command from list
  • Bundle all xml functions together
  • Search in text field
  • Colorize commands
  • Create main GUI
  • Create core API