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Multi threaded batch archiving for NUKE smartCollect

Batch archiving Nukescripts - multi threaded

smartCollect is a convenient way of batch collecting your Nukescripts multi threaded. Whether you are archiving, outsourcing or simply collecting and transferring your shots to other locations - smartCollect makes the whole collecting process very quick and simple.

Collecting all dependencies

smartCollect will collect all sources of your Nukescripts - not only footage from your read nodes but also all other nodes that contain files. Using smartCollect you will archive all script's dependencies - whether it is plates, geometry- and camera files and even luts and many more.

Running inside Nuke and standalone

smartCollect can be run directly inside Nuke and as a standalone application. So you don't need to be in a Nuke session to archive your shots.

Multiple archive customizations

smartCollect can automatically recreate source paths and remap footage using relative or absolute paths. This will give you more flexibility in transferring your archived Nukescripts.


Do you have any question about smartCollect? make sure to read our tools specific faq for smartCollect.


• Batch archive Nukescripts multi threaded
• Collect ALL used sources, not only footage
• Run standalone
• Detailed logging information
• Recreate sources paths
• Create relative or absolute source paths


Nuke11, Nuke12, Nuke13, Nuke14, Nuke15

Linux, Mac, Windows

where to buy

download trial

Please use our free tool connect to download your smartCollect trial.
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The written documentation can be found here: smartCollect documentation

FAQ for smartCollect

Here you will find some frequently asked questions on smartCollect. Please make sure to read them first. Please also have a look on the documentation. If you have any question that is not listed in here please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you.

How do I install smartCollect?

Each cragl tool can be installed via cragl connect - our free tool to install and manage all of your cragl tools directly inside NUKE. If you haven't already done so please download connect.
By opening connect you will see a list of all cragl tools. You can drag and drop it to the right hand side of the connect window to reveal more infos. Just click on "buy". After purchasing you will receive an install code for your tool. Now simply click "install now" and enter the received install code. The tool will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. So you don't need to struggle with any install issue.


Here you find an overview of the smartCollect's versions and its improvements. Please log in to download versions.

smartCollect v1.19

• Add resizable splitter between nukescripts and archive list
• Search nukescript, search archive
• Play configurable sound when archive has finished
• Show file index and overall count when archiving
• Fix - clicking nukescripts and archive buttons raise KeyError

smartCollect v1.18

• Add nukescript from recent files
• Enlarge left and right sections
• Create footage report csv for archive
• Add statistics to archive report
• Skip collecting empty nodes
• Add archival status label

smartCollect v1.17

• Update to nuke-15

smartCollect v1.16

• Add studio model
• Add help menu

smartCollect v1.15

• Update to nuke-14

smartCollect v1.14

• Fix dropping license into license window raises UnicodeDecodeError

smartCollect v1.13

• Fix reading trial license data fails decrypting
• Send email to license author when machine installs license

smartCollect v1.12

• Make Nuke-13 ready

smartCollect v1.11

• Allow install if mac id is already in DB and license quantity is 0

smartCollect v1.10

• Speed up launching in offline mode

smartCollect v1.9

• Fix frame padding gets static counter when archiving

smartCollect v1.8

• Fix ignoring empty paths when searching for license in standalone mode
• Improve trm_footage module, pre check file knob existence, sanitize paths

smartCollect v1.7

• Fix archive path for relative mode under windows

smartCollect v1.6

• Use OS native browser for selecting the archive root directory
• Log currently archiving file before archiving it to keep correct file order

smartCollect v1.5

• Open up for site licenses
• Generate license by license file, login and install code
• Update internal package structure

smartCollect v1.4

• Collect footage inside Group nodes
• Fix node connection does not stay in tact when auto converting gizmos to groups
• Fix File sequences will not get detected correctly when using an underscore instead of a dot before the file sequence number

smartCollect v1.3

• Replace backward slashes with forward slashes in archived file paths
• Fix calculated size of archive
• Update color of archive button for current archive element
• Add changelog

smartCollect v1.2

• Use latest found Nuke version when running standalone

smartCollect v1.1

• Added module files

smartCollect v1.0

Initial release