What’s new?

Version 3.1

Continue support for legacy Nuke versions

Cragl tools can now be used with legacy Nuke versions (e.g. Nuke-10 and even older) again. In case you are locked to a certain legacy Nuke version for whatever reason or simply launched a previous Nuke version from an archived show that used an old Nuke version you might have experienced that some cragl tools stopped working in these old Nuke versions. Although they worked once in these versions. This is due to the ssl module that ships with Nuke which got outdated and does no longer support some needed connections. We implemented a workaround so that you can use cragl tools in legacy Nuke versions once again. To do so, simply set the environment variable CRAGL_USE_LEGACY_API to "1" before launching your legacy Nuke version and cragl tools should be working again.

How to set an environment variable:

  1. Either via your init.py in your Nuke home directory:

    import os
    os.environ["CRAGL_USE_LEGACY_API"] = "1"
  2. Or via your terminal:


>>> path/to/nuke.exe

Linux / MacOS

>>> path/to/nuke.exe

Fix: Use subprocess with current environment under Windows-10

When trying to spawn a subprocess in which we pass the current environment then this raised a TypeError under Windows-10 because environment variable types got casted to Unicode type. A subprocess does however only support string types.

Version 3.0

Auto patch load_version to load the latest connect version on disk

We needed to update the load_version module that detects and loads the latest connect version on disk. This is a rather technical requirement that had to be done. For more background information on this change please refer to the package’s CHANGELOG.md that can be found on the root of your connect installation.

Version 2.11

Fix: Multiple signals in connect under Nuke-13 do not trigger slots

The update, load/unload and uninstall widgets for tools in connect’s ‘installed tools’ tab did not trigger the respective actions under Nuke-13. This has been fixed now so that you can update, load/unload and uninstall tools.

Version 2.10

Connect is now Nuke-13 ready for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Version 2.9

Add ‘show in-depth changes’ button in tool update window

The tool update window contains now a ‘show in-depth changes’ button. Clicking this button navigates you to the ‘updates.html’ page of the respective tool’s documentation page. This page gives a bit more information about the changes of any tool version and creates more transparency in what has changed between versions.


Allow install when license quantity is 0 but tool is already contained in DB

This was not possible in previous versions but has now been enabled.

Send statistics

In order to offer you best plugins we would like to keep record of your used operating system and Nuke version. This helps us very much to get better insight about your needs for all current and upcoming cragl tools. By default, we keep record of this information and would kindly ask you to keep this functionality enabled. But if you don’t want that then this is totally fine. You can disable it by un-checking the ‘send statistics’ checkbox in connect’s settings tab or by setting the environment variable CRAGL_SEND_STATISTICS to False.


Version 2.8

  • Compare tool versions using LooseVersion when checking for tool updates

Version 2.7

  • Bring back video player for tools in Nuke-12 and Nuke-10 and below (#13)

    In the past, we used to have a video player in the connect main window to be able to view any tool teaser right inside of Nuke. However, Nuke-11 missed some crucial multimedia libraries which made playback of videos not feasible. Since Nuke-12 some new multimedia libraries were added so that we were now able to bring back the video player feature for our tools for Nuke-12 onwards and Nuke-10 and below. When running in Nuke-11 you will see a static image for the currently viewed tool.

  • Clicking any badge logo launches the tool’s web page (#14)

    The connect main window shows logos for all installed tools. Clicking any of these will launch the tool’s web page in your browser. This is also a quick way to jump to a tool’s page and its online documentation.

Version 2.6

  • Fix: Show auto version update notification not triggered in Nuke-12
  • Bring back splash screen

Version 2.5

  • Speed up launching connect by being able to explicitly run in offline mode

Version 2.4

  • Make Nuke12 ready

Version 2.3

  • Open up for site licenses
  • Use credentials to install a tool
  • Add sphinx documentation
  • Update internal package structure

Version 2.2

  • Make shortcut to open connect editable
  • Enable Proxy mode
  • Bring back the ‘trial’ button for uninstalled tools

Version 2.1

  • Code Optimizations to improve loading speed
  • Create and enable caching
  • Enable installation for free tools

Version 2.0

  • Make Nuke11 ready
  • Major code updates and code improvements

Version 1.3

  • Settings tab - show connect root location
  • Fix bug that caused connect in some occasions not starting because of missing dll files in windows 10

Version 1.2

  • Overall code optimization
  • Double click a tool from the short description on the left to show it in the tool description on the right
  • Optimized offline mode

Version 1.1

  • Fix bug that caused connect from not working correctly when working in offline mode

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release